travel photographer

5 Tips for the Travel Photographer

During my last workshop in Morocco, Hannah, a great student and an even better person asked me: What does photography mean to you? “Good question” I told her and I gave her my answer, an answer that has been circling my head ever since.

compositions frame within a frame

Pro Tip: 5 Powerful & easy compositions

Complicated compositions don’t necessarily make a good photograph. In this post we explain 5 easy compositions that will help you create powerful images.

Jorge sharing photos with the Kasbah king, Morocco

Keep it simple

Nowadays we are constantly bombarded with advertising by brands selling all kinds of photographic products, from backpacks to tripods to lighting and of course, cameras. G.A.S. is something that is often joked about in forums or in blogs however, in reality it does us little favours when it comes to being more creative in how we tell stories and becoming better photographers.

Portrait tip

Pro Tip: 3 Easy Portrait-Lighting Techniques

Discover 3 easy ways in which to do portraits with nothing more than natural lighting, the elements you have at hand (regardless of where you are) and a small off-camera flash with a remote trigger.

mission gold

Inspiring Stories: Photography with a Mission

Cleverly named ‘Mission Gold’, which references the Mission Neighbourhood of San Francisco and what Nick refers to as the 24-Carat motherlode that he himself has mined from the street to create this project, it focuses on the entrepreneurs that live and thrive in the shadows of Silicon Valley.

Yemen by Samuel Aranda

Interview with award-winning photographer Samuel Aranda

When you try to imagine what Samuel Aranda might be like; a photographer who has won a World Press Photo of the year (amongst many others), whom collaborates with one of the most important newspapers in the world and that dedicates his time to travelling the world covering conflicts and social drama, it’s easy to imagine the typical intrepid or adventure photographer…