Interview with portrait photographer Victoria Iglesias

Great photographers are hard to find and Victoria Iglesias is one of them. You might not know her by name but you’ve probably seen her portraits in Interviú, Travel, ParisMatch, Cosmopolitan, Vogue or several other magazines in which her photos have been featured.

Fabrice CIlpa

Interview with Fabrice Cilpa, photographer and founder of life_is_Street

With 909.263 posts on Instagram, the hashtag life_is_street is probably one of the ones you’re using if you’re into street photography, and if you’re not, you should be since Fabrice Cilpa, founder of the famous street photography “feature” account, is one of the best photographic editors of this social network.

sixstreetunder Craig Whitehead

Interview with Craig Whitehead aka Sixstreetunder

Amongst all the noise of a social network like Instagram, Craig Whitehead aka @sixstreetunder, is one of those photographers that catches your eye and through his use of colour, composition and his attention to detail, makes you feel the rain, the colours and the light of his city.

composition fibonacci

Composition is easy if you know how to do it.

The word composition comes from the Latin compositio, -onis, derived from compositium, which means to put together, connect or arrange. In visual arts, it refers to the balanced and harmonious distribution of different elements.

Tetradic colour harmony

The Colours of Great Photography: Part 2

In this article you’ll find some additional and more complex colour harmonies that will help you make your photography great. If you haven’t read “The Colours of Great Photography Part 1′ I recommend starting there!

Red colour

The Colours of Great Photography: Part 1

What makes a great photograph? Sure, there’s composition and lighting, but colour plays an immensely important role too, so much so that it can make or break a photograph that’s perfectly composed and well lit.