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Raw Photo Tours Vicksburg Post

With images taken they can capture a moment in time, which words sometimes can’t describe.

This summer, as part of a Raw Society Photo tour workshop, amateur and professional photographers visited the Mississippi Delta.

“Our aim is to teach photography and provide unforgettable and ‘raw’ experiences in the places where the workshops take place,” co-founder Christelle Enquist said…

Interview with Avani Rai

Rai. The surname will ring a bell, especially since just last week we made many references to it in our blog and have no doubt that you all read us religiously ;). For the few of you who don’t anxiously wait for Thursday to come along to be able to read our blog, last week we wrote an article about Raghu Rai, the Father of Indian Photography, and that’s the Rai we are referring to.

Interview with Alexey Shifman, founder of Raw Streetphoto Gallery

There are plenty of virtual galleries available to showcase street photography, however, exhibiting this work in the ‘real world’ is whole different story, especially as an emerging photographer. Is there a time lag between the virtual and real world in which it’s just a matter of time before the real world catches up? Or does street photography signed by John or Jane Doe simply not sell?
We interviewed Alexey Shifman, founder of Raw Street Photo Gallery to answer these questions for us.