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Interview with award-winning photographer Samuel Aranda

When you try to imagine what Samuel Aranda might be like; a photographer who has won a World Press Photo of the year (amongst many others), whom collaborates with one of the most important newspapers in the world and that dedicates his time to travelling the world covering conflicts and social drama, it’s easy to imagine the typical intrepid or adventure photographer…

Editing, but for real.

When we talk about editing or the editing process in photography, it is often believed that we are making reference to the post-processing or digital retouching of a photograph when in fact, we are not.
In reality, editing a photographic work is one of the most difficult things to do in photography and especially when we have to do it with our own work.

Raw Photo Tours in Diari Ara

Diari Ara is the third most read daily newspaper in Catalonia, and the most read daily newspaper written exclusively in the Catalan language.

Today Raw Photo Tours has been featured in Diari Ara’s entrepreneur section and we are absolutely  thrilled with the article and proud to be recoginsed for the work we are doing. 

Raw Photo Tours in VIA Empresa

Tot evoluciona. Si abans havíem de suportar que amics i família ens fessin una sessió completa de les fotografies del seu viatge quan tornaven de vacances; ara l’experiència la vivim en directe a través d’Instagram. En temps real descobrim on va i què fa tothom en les seves vacances, però són poques les imatges que ens emocionen. Siguem sincers, la gran majoria no sabem fer fotos. Això pot canviar si les vacances les fas amb Raw Photo Tours.

Raw Photo Tours on Rne4

Rne4 Metròpoli. Empresaris cat. Al Jorge Delgado-Ureña ja fa temps que combina les seves dues passions, la fotografia i els viatges. Fotògraf professional que ha publicat en revistes com el National Geografic, va tenir la feliç idea de compartir les seves inquietuds amb totes aquelles persones per les que un viatge suposa viure una experiència diferent.