During my recent trip to Cuba with The Raw Society, I was both excited and curious.

Excited about seeing this place usually described as a photographer’s paradise with its colors, textures, light and that famous forgotten in time feeling.

Curious about its people and the effect this social experiment was having on them.

My excitement was greatly rewarded. I got everything I was hoping for and lots more.

All political and social arguments aside, Cuba is a street photographer’s heaven.

Those colors and that light, those unbelievable backgrounds and human interactions which continuously tickle your mind into pressing the shutter.

  • The birthday cake. Viñales
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  • The bar. Trinidad

  • Hide and seek. La Habana

My curiosity only grew upon leaving the country and upon further reflection of what I had experienced.

After interacting with Cubans in their environment one begins to understand how resilient and inventive they are in all aspects of their daily life, and regardless of their true deep feeling with regards to their situations, their tasks are always carried out with a smile.

  • The jeweler. La Habana
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  • The watchmaker. La Habana

I got to witness Cubans who were trying to become economically independent (if not just a bit) of the state apparatus which just about controls every aspect of their life.

  • The butcher. La Habana
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  • Daily rations. La Habana

  • The store. Trinidad

  • The florist. La Habana

  • Rum Depot. La Habana

  • The Shopkeeper. La Habana

  • Fruit market. La Habana

Their imagination to solve problems is extraordinary. It has become so much a part of their life that they have a specific word for it: and resolver which also happens to be one of the most used words in their vocabulary.

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