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The Pro’s and Con’s of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used platforms by photographers and non-photographers around the world. For this first group, the social network has its advantages with respect to business creation, dissemination of work and it offers opportunities to collaborate with other photographers, collectors, etc. around the world, but it also has big drawbacks.

post processing film

Why processing your photos is important

If you have already read some of my previous articles you will know that I am not a fanatic of image quality nor do I promote inspecting your photos on the computer pixel by pixel. But, one of the things that I do encourage my students to do is to shoot in .RAW. Why? Keep reading and you’ll find out!

Black & White vs. Colour Photography

If you do a quick Google search for “street photography” a large majority of the images that appear are in black and white. It’s indicative of how popular black and white is for this style of photography…However, more recently we have been able to observe how color has grown in popularity.

5 Things to look for to determine whether your photos are good.

It’s not always easy to know whether the photos you take are good or not so in today’s post we share some tips that will help you to determine this!

Why swapping megapixels for film makes you a better photographer

At the height of the digital era in which talk of stabilisers, processors, sensors and image quality have become the norm, there has also been a rise in film photography that is most evident on social media. On Instagram alone, the hashtag #FilmIsNotDead has around 8.5 million posts. Coincidence? I think not!

Ethics and Self-Censorship in Street Photography

The first thing we have to do with regards to ethics and self-censorship is stop for a moment and reflect on what kind of photography we are doing, or more specifically that we want to explain or express with our photography.