The road less travelled…

or How a wrong turn led to meeting the minister of tourism, culture and aviation of Nepal.

The fastest “Autofocus” in the world

Survival buffs say that if you are in the mountains and it starts to rain, the best thing to do is not to get frustrated because no matter how much energy you put into trying to stay dry, in the end the rain always wins; you’ll just be more tired and angry as well as being wet.

Interview – Western Tandoori & Naan House

The Tandoori and Naan house sits along Amrit marg, a less touristic street that’s parallel to Thamel. This tiny restaurant, wedged between a travel agency and a private home with a bright blue door, would go completely unnoticed if it weren’t for the constant queue of people outside.

Nepal – Before you go

A little info on weather, when to go to Nepal, tourist visas, taxi fares, useful numbers…and our personal favourite restaurant in Kathmandu